Giving Back

Giving Back

TDT is built upon some core values. Some of which are community, learning and service. To be authentic in our approach, we feel that giving back to the community is very important.

Through meeting Dee Mills from Dee Mills Consultancy a few years ago, this working relationship has blossomed into working together. We are collecting a whole range of resources for teachers and students in the Phillippines. Through Dee’s contacts, we have been able to send many boxes to disadvantaged schools.

The donations of learning resources, including novels, dictionaries, pens, pencils, and teaching resources, have been from families and teachers that have seen our FB posts asking for donations. Elias picks up the Balikbayan Boxes (called a repatriate box in English) from our door. He offers us a reduced rate as he remembers reading donated books at school in the Phillippines, and Elias is very grateful that he was afforded the opportunity.

It takes a community to raise children, and we love contributing from afar, especially when these items are ready for the skip bin. It seems like such a massive waste of valuable resources, and the effort of collecting and packing them is worth the joy and opportunities the items can bring to the recipients across the seas in underprivileged communities.

Contact our office to organise the dropoff of your teaching supplies for schools in the Philippines.

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