Tailored Neuroplasticity Programs

Following a thorough assessment with our specialised therapists and team, we then create a tailored program for you or your young person’s areas of need. These could be associated with communication, social and learning difficulties. 

Our Neuroplasticity programs facilitate lasting brain change. Early intervention has been identified as a research-based best practice and with this, there has been an increase in diagnosis. The troubling behaviours or learning struggles have become easier to spot as education surrounding these diagnoses has also increased. Our approach aims to move beyond the ‘labels’ and use a methodology that creates lasting change for our clients in their daily living skills in the home, school and work environments. 

We have proven success with toddlers, students and adults for a range of diagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms. Our regular publication of case studies around lasting change validates our work and our client’s achievements from our customised programs.

Support & Therapy Staff

As part of our wrap-around approach to addressing the individual needs of you or your young person, we can include a support worker, therapist, or a specialist tutor within your program, to address key development areas and goal attainment between program sessions too. We offer flexible access to our Support & Therapy staff, to support behavioural challenges that may emerge in day-to-day life or changing school, home and work environments.

Group Sessions

Our Support and Therapy team also offer group sessions to layer in additional support to the individual client and their family members as they journey through the grow, discovery and change phases. These could include holiday programs, What’s the Buzz (social skills program) Parenting groups. 

Workshops & Professional Development

To support educators and parents, we offer a range of neuroplasticity-oriented training options associated with identifying and addressing challenging behaviours associated with communication, social and learning difficulties within classroom and home settings.

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Tailored Services

How TDT Truly Help

Complimentary Phone Consultation

A complimentary 30-minute phone consult over the phone or via Zoom is a personalised service we offer to everyone. 

Parents, carers, teachers and other professionals can speak with one of our compassionate therapists to see if TDT are the right choice to help. We have a vast collaborative network to assist our clients to thrive.


Comprehensive assessments are undertaken for our customised programs for all ages, to identify strengths and areas for focus. 

Our therapists have a deep understanding of the nature and symptoms of each individual, which then allows our highly skilled team to develop tailored programs that result in positive changes in learning, behaviour, wellbeing and cognitive skills. 

Customised Programs

Each person’s brain is unique – so are our programs

Our customised programs enable lasting positive changes to the neural highways that send information throughout the brain. This in turn influences changes to the way we process the world around us allowing for efficient processing of information. Which then allows for changes in learning, behaviour, wellbeing and cognitive skills.


Our support workers and therapists offer personalised support for goal attainment. Including social skills, executive function and daily living skills.

Rapport and support are vital for our programs to succeed so we offer multiple modes in which support can be given in between assessments. These include face to face, phone calls, email and we have a private community support page on Facebook.

Request access to our online learning portal for resources related to learning, behaviours, parenting, social skills, co-regulation and regulation.

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TDT have a range of clients.

  • NDIS plan managed
  • NDIS Self-Managed and
  • Self-Funded.

Our Therapists can provide:

  • Ndis progress reports
  • Behaviour support plans and services
  • Advocacy
  • Mentoring
  • Support with planning

Our Support Workers

Help you to work towards your goals with customised activities.


Specialist Tutoring

Our specialist tutors have an immense knowledge base with children with learning and behaviour struggles. Each tutor is mentored by our Director who has a Masters Degree in Education (Special Education)

We can do in home or at the office support.

On and Off Site Support

Our skilled therapist can provide site visits; homes, schools and workplaces to undertake observations and provide information to support the client. 

If necessary assessments and other services can be provided at home. 

We are based in Adelaide but do offer some services via Zoom, including our customised programs.

Group Support

Social interaction is important for the mental health of our clients and their care givers.

In our relaxed office complex we offer a range of groups including those that build on specific skills

Including :

  • Phonemic Awareness (SSP)
  • Coding
  • Parenting Support
  • What’s the Buzz Social Skills Program
  • Dungeons and Dragons.
  • And a range of holiday programs.

Professional Training

Professional training is available for a range of topics. For Teachers, Educators, Parents and other Professionals.

  • Training on understanding how the brain works in relation to learning.
  • Strategies for understanding and responding to behaviour patterns.
  • How to make your learning environment accessible to all learners.

Book a complimentary 1-hour phone or video consultation with one of our therapists to see how we can help.

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