How we learn

Taylor and Trott Pyramid of Learning 1991


This Pyramid, published in How does your Engine Run by Williams, and Shellenberger shows the whole person. 

Our foundations begin in utero in the brain; our central nervous system resides here along with the vestibular system. The vestibular is our balance centres that work closely with our auditory centres. Our highly complex sensory system and central nervous system are the basis for efficient information processing throughout the brain. 

Many things can impact its sound development, and some can be: a lack of physical activity by the mum during pregnancy, genetics, lack of tummy time, prematurity, difficult labour and birth (interventions), diet, birth weight, skipping milestones are just a few. If any of the categories on this pyramid are less than optimal, the root cause will be in the central nervous system and sensory system. 

We only offer programs if there are behaviour or learning difficulties evident. Notice academic achievement and executive functioning as at the top, and this is where our schooling systems and the workforce focus. Suppose we are trying to learn new information and we have inefficient processing in above sections of the pyramid. In that case, we are losing that information until we can block the holes with long-lasting therapies. Imagine a bucket losing lots of water due to having holes. This is what we are trying to remedy. 

Once the specific difficulties are identified through our comprehensive testing, specialised therapies are created and implemented. We are very keen to work collaboratively with your current therapists for the best possible outcomes. At TDT, we identify and remedy areas of difficulties through evidence-based programs to help clients achieve their best.

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