Positive Changes

Our clients come to us with learning and or behaviour struggles.

The majority seem to have low self-esteem. They can experience struggles in all areas of their lives. Hiding your inadequacies day in day out is very exhausting. Each day they are faced with this struggle and requiring enormous effort to achieve. Many of our clients come with very poor ability to efficiently process language, so it takes much longer to process and understand what others are saying or understand new concepts as well as sometimes follow instructions with confidence.

When we feel unsure about things, we can get anxious or angry and generally feel bad about ourselves. During this time, reassurance and connection are needed.

They need us to guide them and parent them through this process. That means we do all we can to support them with their therapies, remaining in close contact with your therapist via email or phone if you need to.

Children need us to connect with them and teach them strategies they weren’t able to learn before school. I ask parents to think of a 4-year-old needing that emotional regulation and to not think of their child as their chronological age but by their emotional age and help them to develop these skills that they haven’t been able to develop before.

It is important to teach them that the feelings they are beginning to feel are okay, and we will help them to understand them. They may become more overwhelmed as they become more aware as they begin to see the world differently. This may be seen as anxiety, clinginess or tears. It could also be seen as frustration, anger or violence. This is NOT a setback but rather a wonderful learning opportunity that if done well can be moved through quickly. (Think of a toddler milestone – they don’t stay in that phase forever do they?). They may also be fine and just ask lots of questions or need time with you after school to debrief their day, as new perceptions of the same situations are seen.










Many of our clients are done…. by the time they get home…totally exhausted from holding it together at school. They may argue about doing their therapies. Sometimes this is because they think why should I when no one understands me… Sometimes it is because they are exhausted as they don’t get breaks at school …

Sometimes they can’t see the relevance or understand how these therapies will truly change their lives…Sometimes they are very scared at what lies ahead, that they will be expected to do more with less help, not realising it will come easier.

As parents we want our tough task to be easy as we are pressured to be great parents and efficient in our jobs. We are juggling the expectations of life and sometimes we too feel we are failing.












TDT is here to support you and we are parents of children who have been where you are. We know how tough it can be and we have studied and used great strategies to get through this tricky bit because we know how great it is on the other side. Always remember we are here to help, listen or advise. (we are happy to explain why your child finds certain situations difficult from a neurological perspective and offer suggestions).

We have trained Counsellors that are available to assist you through this journey. You may only need one session to see the situation differently, gain some helpful strategies and off you go again. It is very important to do your best to undertake the programs as per the instructions given. If this is not possible there is always a solution, but we need to know. You must tell us and let us find a way forward if this is needed.

Our programs change lives – we will soon have a collection of anonymous results available on our website. Showing amazing changes in perception that relate directly to behaviours and improved learning outcomes.

If we give up on our kids what does that mean for them? Kerwin Rae has a great clip to encourage us all to be present with our children. You can watch it here.

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